5 Minute Speech on Natural Resources in English for Students

Natural resources are the things that we obtain naturally. These are the things that are gifted to us by nature. Natural resources are abundant but we also have to use them wisely and practically so that we don’t struggle. In some places, there has been a lot of stress and pressure on natural resources and people are seen overusing the products resulting in extreme struggle. Some examples of natural resources are oil, coal, natural gas, air sunlight, trees, etc. There are chances where these natural resources can be overused resulting in great problems. Despite it being natural, this does not mean that we should use it carelessly. As we cut a tree which is a natural resource, we should and we must plant another tree to keep a balance in the ecosystem. To make it clear and easier for better understanding I would like to add the topic of global warming which is an evident problem in today’s world that the majority of countries are facing. The imbalance in the ecosystem which includes the overuse of natural resources is directly and indirectly linked to this problem. Russia is one of the top countries that is said to have the most natural resources and China is one country that is really suffering because they over exceeded its sustainability. We should all take notice of this and try to use our natural resources wisely. Even the smallest action will have the biggest impact. The government in the majority of the countries are taking their initiatives to tackle this problem.