5 Minute Speech on Music in English for Students

Music has been a source of expression since time immemorial. Through music, people are able to express themselves. It has also proved to be a source of mental peace and relaxation. Many people struggle with not being able to express themselves; in most cases, it is through music, that a person is able to express themselves. This has been emotionally freeing for them. There are different types of music genres in today’s world. Music has been growing every year. There are a lot of musicians in today’s world. In fact, we see that musicians are one job out of many that is also one of the most high-paying jobs. There are some people who are born with the talent of music in them while some, work very hard. It has the power to change a person’s mindset and personality. So, it is very important to choose good lyrical songs. The power music has is amazing. Soft music keeps a person calm and relaxed and hyped music can make one feel very josh. There are people who are better off studying when they listen to music.