5 Minute Speech on Music is in itself very Powerful in English for Students

Music is in itself very powerful. People find music as an escape from the stress and pressure of life. Through music, people are being empowered. And some people can communicate better with music. It is proven to heal so many people in life. There are many people who suffer from mental issues in today’s world and this can be agreed by many. With that in mind, people find freedom through music. It is an escape place. It has also saved people from depression and anxiety. There are many stories where people say that music has saved them from taking their own lives. It is also very important to listen to music with good lyrics. Now, we hear a lot of songs that are rather very inhumane and pretty scary if we think about it deeply so it is very important to listen to good lyrics songs because music has the power to shape a person’s personality and mindset as well.  We should try and promote songs with good lyrics to children as well. Music as a job is also increasing year by year and the music industry is becoming very competitive in many parts of the world. It is amazing what music can do to someone. It can lift a person’s mood, it can make them excited and josh. It also allows them to relax. People are being able to regulate emotions through music as well. 

All round, it has the power to heal.