5 Minute Speech on Mother Teresa in English for Students

Mother Teresa is a popular figure globally. She is known for her selfless deeds and for the love that she has for her people. She is a catholic nun. She was born in the year 1910 and she passed away in the year 1997. She lived up to the age of eighty-seven. She passed away from a heart attack. It is said that after Mother Teresa became a missionary nun, she never saw her mother or her sister ever again. Through her, the world saw love and the act of selflessness. She taught and influenced so many people. She is a figurine of the word ‘love’.  She even brought up a missionary charity which is still in function to this very day. She relentlessly works very hard towards selfless deeds, charity, and love for people. Despite not having a lot, whenever she had the chance to share anything, she would. “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”, this is a famous quote that the people of the world still use. This is such a good reminder for every one of us. Such simple words with such great deep meaning. As I ponder upon this quote, I find this quote to be one of the truest quotes ever. And I believe we should take this into account in our lives as an everyday reminder to share the love in us with people. As we do so, we may save a lot of lives from being destroyed. That is, in the end, the power of love.