5 Minute Speech on Media and Networking in English for Students

Media and networking are usually used as a term ‘media networking’. However, it means two different things. Media is the platform where people can use the platform to give out information whereas; networking is used as a platform to connect with other people. Media and networking as a different platform or the same has the same effect on the people, society and the working of the environment. The influence that media and networking as brought into the world is probably the biggest transition that the world underwent. It completely changed the lives of the people, the society and the economy. Today, we see how dependent we all are on media and networking for majority of the working of our lives which includes communications, shopping, looking up for an unknown word and many more. This has also caused many other problems as well like addictions, rise of scams, bullying and other which has adversely caused the rise of various mental issues.

We should really learn how to use media and networking for the right reason. It is a platform to voice our opinion. We should teach people to do the same. It can destroy or built a person’s lives greatly.