5 Minute Speech on Mindfulness in English for Students

Mindfulness is the training of the mind to live in the moment of the present. It is to know and be aware of what is happening around you. It is important for everyone to be mindful. Being mindful keeps us smart, brave and courageous. It goes a long way in life and helps us in all work affairs. When a person is being mindful, he or she is able to regulate his or her emotion better than the person who is not mindful. It decreases depression, anxiety and other problems. When we are mindful we are able to take care of ourselves better and take better care of others as well. It is important to be mindful wherever we go in life and in whatever we do in life. When we work together with people of different kinds which maybe someday we will be compel to do, it is then when mindfulness of a person is being put to real test and challenge. We should always remind ourselves to be mindful and teach others of the same. It is vital to teach kids about mindfulness as well. As we practice mindfulness in our lives we can influence others of it. Being mindful aids in helping a person shape his or her personality and character as well.