5 Minute Speech on Meditation in English for Students

Meditation is now being put to its utmost significance, especially with the rise of very busy, stressful, and tight schedules which is ultimately leading to the rise in various mental issues which is directly and indirectly affecting a person’s health. This issue is now becoming one of the major concerns for many people. Lots of lives are being lost through suicides with the root cause of anxiety and depression. This is the bitter truth of today’s world. Depression and anxiety are now as common even with students as young as six to seven years old. This may seem unbelievable to a lot of people but this is the reality. The people are concerned and the government is also concerned and is being pressured regarding this issue. As a solution or as a helping hand, meditation has been brought into account in most institutions, workplaces, etc. Through meditation, one can keep the mind free and relaxed from all the concerns and workings of life. Families are also practicing this together and this has proved to be a useful, practical and also a way that make people bond better together. With the coming of this, majority of the working people are seen to be less stressed with very productivity.