5 Minute Speech on Leadership in English for Students

Leadership is such a very unique quality of a character. Not everyone possesses leadership qualities. But we should try and work on qualities like this. It is a quality not born within us but a quality that needs a lot of practice and boldness. A person needs to face the obstacle of being nervous in front of crowds, and a person needs to be bold to voice out the opinion of others. In fact, it is more than just these two. Leadership as a quality is so great. It starts from scratch. Leadership is a quality that makes one respected and looked up to by others not just because of ear but out of respect. Qualities like this should be nourished. To have this quality, one must also be willing to face a lot of failure. A person needs to be very broad-minded. The leader’s role is not only to lead but to teach, to inspire, to motivate, and to be exemplary of good deeds. People with this quality should be well educated for they can be so powerful and should be wise enough to use that power to bring good change in their society.