5 Minute Speech on Kindness in English for Students

Kindness is a very important quality in a human. Being kind does not cost anyone anything in life. It is very rare for us to find good kind people. So, when we do we have to treasure them. We need to teach ourselves to be kind to ourselves and to others. This goes a long way in life. We should be kind despite how people treat us. When a person is kind, he or she can influence an unkind person to be kind and this can go on. It is the greatest influence. We should teach our juniors, our friends, and colleagues that we meet and come across through conversations, actions, and any other way. Being kind is a gesture that shows us who we are, and how we are raised and therefore it gives a good name to ourselves as well as our parents and our reputation. The value of being kind is rarely seen in today’s world but we can always work hand in hand to bring it back. We should really promote kindness in a world filled with much cruelty and corruption where our leaders are filled with selfish motives. It is not just about being nice but about being considerate, having empathy, and much more. We have to be kind in our words and our actions.