5 Minute Speech on Knowledge is power in English for Students

Being aware and informed is simply defined as knowledge. This itself is power that goes a long way through life. When a person has knowledge about a certain topic, they are able to have a broad understanding of that topic. And this again comes down to education because it is through education that one gets knowledge. When one is educated, one is able to serve society and its people well and keep the people protected by their law. Only through knowledge, we can drive through the right path in life. We are able to get a job through knowledge, we are able to keep ourselves protected and we are able to do many things for ourselves and for our society through knowledge. Through knowledge, we are able to shape our character and personality to a great extent. There is no limit to the growth of it. With that in mind, there is no limit to knowledge as well. It helps us broaden our mindset and keeps us aware of ourselves, of the people, the society, and the workings of it. It aids us greatly in facing all kinds of adversity that we face in life. It is only through knowledge that we can expect great changes and powerful changes, especially with the people’s mindset of the government.