5 Minute Speech on Life in English for Students

Life is very precious. It cannot be replaced despite the amount of money and wealth anyone has. Life has a past, present and future. It is extremely fragile.so, we had to take care of our own life very carefully. We should all learn to do what’s best for our lives by eating good and healthy food, exercising our body and mind, drinking plenty of water and keeping track of our mental growth and well-being. Life is a gift that all living beings have received. Once a living being perishes, there is no way to revive the being back to life. All living beings have different periods of life. It is too short to waste our time worrying. Rather we should try and stay as happy and positive as we can, cherishing all our time with one another.  Life shouldn’t be taken for granted but rather taken with the utmost care and importance. The experiences that we have in life are also seen to be very important in life. In life, everyone learns a lot. Some learn from other people’s mistakes, some learn from their own mistakes and some learn from listening as well. The older anyone grows, the wiser they become.  Life experience can be our biggest teacher. In life, we should remember to love the life that is given to one, family, and friends and to always cherish the people, the time and the memories of life.