5 Minute Speech on Indian Culture in English for Students

Indian culture is beautiful and amazing. It is diverse and beautifully interlinked with one another. There are so many cultures in India, so different but the same. A land that respects culture and this can be seen. This is maybe the one reason why India as a country is respected a lot by other countries. As people are losing their culture because of midwestern influence, India stands firm with their stand and their support of culture. This can be seen in all affairs, especially in schools and institutions where a day in a week is given for using a traditional piece of their culture. This is mostly seen in the Northeastern part of India.  There is this beautiful fusion of cultures in India that is admired by other countries. Through this, It has influenced many others to preserve their culture. In India, the people who are known as Indians, take their culture to its most importance. Of course, it has a strong link with their religion and history but one thing to keep in mind is that culture is a way of life for the Indians. In the culture of India, we will also see the culture of joint families. The people give so much importance to festivals as they put on their traditional attire and do their rituals. 

This is a country that is on the top list in the world of one that preserves their culture and respects their culture.