5 Minute Speech on Independence in English for Students

Independence can be broadly defined. Literally, it means freedom. But we also have to keep in mind to use this independence rightly. In today’s time, we see that the children today have a lot more independence as compared to the kids of the last generation. The independence that we see, is increasing every year. If we use this independence rightly, then we can do a lot of things. As they say young minds have great minds because it is at this time that we are curious on everything and that we won’t to experience the life of it. We also have to keep in mind that if this independence is given too much, a persons life can be ruined. Therefore, we have to be wise and we have to remind one another and most importantly keep a balance in life on the prospect that if this independence is used wisely and practically, big change can come into the society and the world. Independence is in itself a very broad topic and many people will have their own ideology basing on this but one thing to keep in mind in general is to be wise enough to do the right thing as civilised human beings. As much independence as we have, we should set some rules, and live by some boundaries.