5 Minute Speech on Independence Day in English for Students

Independence Day in India is celebrated on the of August every year. On this day, all schools and institutions are declared a holiday. A day before this day, the majority of colleges, and other institutions hold a program on this day to remind us of the history and the sacrifices of our people striving for independence. It is a day of celebration and a day to be grateful for the people who have worked so selflessly for the country. It is a reminder for all of us to take care of one another as we together make up a nation. In this program, students have various competitions like essay competitions, debate and speech competitions, painting and drawing competitions and many others. It is significant for the country and we should take this day to its utmost sign of uh can’t especially as citizens of the country. It is on this day that the Indian flag is hoisted and people sing the anthem with a great full of gratitude. The biggest program is taken in Delhi which is the capital city of India. We have to respect this day and honour the people who have lost their lives for the country’s independence.