5 Minute Speech on Impact of Social Media in English for Students

Social media has played a major role in many of our lives in fact all of our lives. Through social media we can start a living. It has the power to either make us or break us. This is a term that is used by many. It has the most power for advertising. Social media can either  make our lives very depressing or make the biggest impact on our lives. We see the growth of so many rising celebrities, influencers and many others. Through this we are influenced one way or the other. Everyone has their own aesthetic and niche. This has become a way of life. With that in mind, we also see the rise of people comparing their lives with one another which becomes a toxi competition while some learn a lot through this platform. It is up to us to put a limit to ourselves and learn how to build a wall with the life of social media. It has become a great platform for rising stars like singers, actors and dancers who are not known by a lot of people. 

It is one of the greatest platforms if used rightly. The importance of this platform is so great but at the same time it can be very dangerous. It is advised not to open doors to kids below thirteen in social media. We can see the effect on social media on many people, be it adults or children. We should be aware of our limits, this way we use social media wisely.