5 Minute Speech on Importance of Sports and Games in English for Students

The importance of sports and games goes a long way of life.  It keeps the mind healthy. It keeps the body healthy as well as a form of exercise and fun at the same time. Sports and games are included in most of the programs in schools and institutions. This brings out the athletic spirit in everyone. Not everyone enjoys sports and games but it is important to take this it into our lives. It teaches people on team work. Sports and games are filled with challenges. It is important to take up challenges with a positive mindset. Through sports and games, we learn a lot like patience, harmony and team work. We learn failure and we learn to overcome and take challenges in a positive way. Alot of people and students learn the value of mutual respect and cooperation with friends. 

Even doctors and scientist have also recommended the importance of sports and games in our lives. It keeps our heart and liver healthy and keeps out body fit and strong.