5 Minute Speech on Importance of Time in English for Students

Time is an important factor in life. It plays a vital role in all works of life. We have to use our time wisely. If we are disciplined in time, we can do a whole lot. It is a good practice to use our time wisely. We can teach this to children from a young age, this way it becomes easy for the kids to become disciplined at an early age. Being time disciplined starts at school and home. And if the child is being taught well at home, he or she does not struggle in school. Being disciplined goes a long way through life. It helps in school work, college life, jobs and after marriage as well. When a person is being time disciplined he or she is often respected by people. He or she respects people’s time and vice versa. Being time disciplined helps in all work affairs. A person needs discipline in all work affairs. To be disciplined a person needs time and effort and sacrifice to get any work done successfully a person needs to be disciplined. When a person is not time disciplined he or she is not taken seriously by others.