5 Minute Speech on Importance of Reading Books in English for Students

Everywhere we go, we have heard on the importance of reading books. Reading books is a very practical hobby. Reading a good book will improve out vocabulary, our speaking and will help us even in our writing. It is very important for anyone to put this into a habit at the same time keep in mind that it is vital to choose a good book. Books are so powerful. It has the power to change a person’s mindset. It can alter a persons personality and character. Reading a book also increases concentration which is needed especially in a world filled with gadgets. Children are seen to struggle with concentration. It helps a kid and even an adult. A person is able to think and ponder upon things. Deep thought is necessary in life. It also open doors to questions, curiosity and broader view points. It strengthens the mental ability through exercising the mind to think and question. It influences many to create ideas and come up with various outcomes.

Reading a good book does not go to waste. We should try and adapt this into our lives and influence others with this habit of reading.