5 Minute Speech on Discipline in English for Students

Discipline is a way of life to be tidy, to be organised and to be on time in all works of life. Being disciplined must be taught to a person when he or she is young. This way he or she becomes a good citizen of the society. It is taught at home and in schools. It can be influenced by peers as well. It may be tough to learn discipline in life after anyone grows up but with dedication it is possible. Being disciplined makes a person respectable. A disciplined person we looked up to. It opens doors to many opportunities. Being disciplined in life comes in all affairs. From walking up to doing chores to studying, to hobbies and eating and sleeping, requires discipline. It is not an easy task but once mastered, a person’s character and personality change greatly. It makes a person work more productively.  Every successful person in the world has one thing in common, this is discipline. It is very important to put this into focus, especially for children. Discipline can be taught even to toddlers, this way learning to be disciplined becomes a way of life.  Being disciplined in any field makes a person reach their goals. Being hard-working and motivated comes from discipline. There will be times when being disciplined may get too tough and can be rarely enjoyable but it is always worth it in the end. Having rules and regulation set in your life is very significant. It keeps one grounded and grateful.