5 Minute Speech on Democracy in English for Students

Democracy is a government that is elected by the people, for the people and of the people. It is most common in the working of the country. But it can also apply to other sources of work in a broader sense.  A very popular figure in this field of study is Abraham Lincoln who is known to everyone globally.  There are approximately 167 countries in the world that come under the democratic countries. With the coming of democracy, equality was seen. More towards the people who were also involved in government, they have the right to speak and give their opinions and their choice was seen to be put into the working of the society. At the same time, more corruption arose and this led to more power play. The working of the government is also not stable because the leader keeps changing within a certain time interval. These are the most common problems faced by democratic countries in general. This is a very important subject to know of. This is taught in schools in the subject of social sciences. 

Democracy has helped society and the country in many ways but the selfishness of the people has twisted the goal that was set by our ancestors who fought timeless for this.