5 Minute Speech on Death Penalty in English for Students

The death penalty was a common affair in the past. the other name for the death penalty is known as the capital punishment.  The government or the head decides on the life of a person who committed a crime so horrible. A person is either killed by shooting or hanging under this penalty. The subject topic of the death penalty is debatable to this very day. The death penalty is legal in the majority of the countries. Some of the few are Texas, India, Tennessee, Texas, and many others.  The last incident that took place in India was in the year 2020 for a very brutal sexual assault. This helps in avoiding further crimes in fear of capital punishment. But at the same time there comes a debate where people questions about who are we to actually take a person’s life. The most common ground on this subject topic to justify is reasons like ‘they did the crime therefore they have to pay the time’ or ‘the criminal justice is in itself  fair’. The people of the world has become very scary in todays world. The crimes commited are endless and absolutely infuriating in most cases. There bought a huge rise in psychopaths as well. With all of this in mind, the death penalty has become the only solution to making the world safer.