5 Minute Speech on Cyber Security in English for Students

Cyber security is also known as computer security. This is very important for the safety of the individual as well as the safety of the country. With the coming of the internet, the world has improved to a whole range. However, it has also brought in a lot of dangers of a process called hacking. This is how other people get through the data and important files illegally as they use them to blackmail the country or the person or they would also destroy very important and sensitive documents. There are so many and there have been so many reasons for doing so. This is called cyberattacks. It is very common in today’s world. Therefore, the governments in all countries have upgraded their cyber security and have been doing so every year. It was only in the 1970s that it was brought into serious notice with higher demand. A man named Bob Thomas is credited for inventing cyber security. He was a computer scientist. This is a very important knowledge. The US, Finland, UK and others are known for their very strong cyber security. This is a very important subject for everyone and should be made aware of by students.