Idiom Land | 20 Idioms With Their Meanings and Sentences

Idiom Land presents 20 idioms with their meaning and sentences in english. Read these idioms and memorise them.

  1. Cream of the Crop: the best of all.
  2. Spill the Beans: give away a secret.
  3. On Cloud Nine: very happy.
  4. Beat the Bush: avoid the main topic.
  5. Hang in There: don’t give up.
  6. It’s not rocket science: it’s not complicated.
  7. Throw Caution to the Wind: take the risk.
  8. As Right as Rain: healthy.
  9. Pull Someone’s Leg: to joke with someone.
  10. Often and Often: frequently.
  11. Co ck and Bull Story: untrue story.
  12. Null and Void: of no use.
  13. Tom Di ck and Harry: everyone.
  14. Latin and Greek: that cannot be understood.
  15. Fair and Square: honest.
  16. Heart and Soul: with full devotion.
  17. Under the Weather: to feel ill.
  18. Wise Owl: a wise person.
  19. Heart in Mouth: feeling nervous.
  20. Hands and Gloves: very intimate friends.