5 Minute Speech on Cyber Crime in English for Students

Cybercrime is the act of committing a crime online. This is done by stealing documents, destroying sensitive files, bullying, threats and many others. In today’s world, this is very common. According to research, a lot of the hackers are from China. As scary as it sounds, the offenders of this crime are usually from the young age of 18-30 years. The punishments can be harsh. It could lead to heavy fines and imprisonment. The offenders would go against the law and break into the privacy of a person. Through this, a person’s whole life is in danger. This leads to depression and many suicidal cases. Many people are bullied through this. People, especially students, should be made well aware of this. Teachers should try and remind them of this now and then. Cyber crimes and equivalent to any other crimes committed. It is no less. These crimes are committed for various reasons. One of which would be revenge. Financial fraud also comes under cyber crime. This is one issue that India struggled with. It was the top cybercrime in India. People should not fall for anything without proper research and proper documents. Children should be taught and parents should be reminded and taught. The people in general should be alert to cases such as this. People lose their whole lives saving. On our part we need to teach the uneducated and remind the educated. This can be the smallest step that holds the most power.