5 Minute Speech on Deforestation in English for Students

Deforestation is so common in the world today. It is undeniable that the world is advancing greatly. Even villages are improving to a greater extent. Population is also rising. People are cutting down trees to build factories, industries, settlements and many other reasons. But one thing that most are ignorant of is the consequence that comes with it. Deforestation has caused so many problems. The top result of deforestation is global warming or climate change. We complain now and then and we see fights and debates concerning this. When the root cause of it all is our actions done with ignorance. The air is getting warmer. There’s more pollution. Various kinds of sicknesses and diseases occur. All blame unto deforestation. Deforestation has made space of course but it demolishes a lot more important things needed for survival. The cause of loss of species is also due to deforestation.  This is a subject matter so important for everybody. This subject is now put into concern to all governments in all countries. In some states, trees are countable. How really sad that is!  We should put our hands together and plant more trees and do all we can to turn the tables around and make the earth a better and a safer place to live.