3 Minute Speech On Cybercrime In English

Good morning one and all. Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, it is my pleasure and privilege to stand before you today. I am honored to have this opportunity to speak to such a distinguished audience.Today on this occasion, I would like to talk about  an issue that lurks to threaten our safety in this Digital age, cybercrime. 

Cybercrime involves criminal activities performed through digital devices and technology such as mobile phones, computers and the internet. With the progress of technology, crime has also accelerated and criminals have learnt to adapt and evolve. This is a cause for great concern and we must learn about the issue in order to protect ourselves and thus successfully combat it. It is extremely important to know that cybercrime comes in many forms from hacking, identity theft, phishing to malware attacks. 

The criminals who sometimes work individually and sometimes in groups use online anonymity as a weapon to execute their crimes. These nameless criminals steal information that is sensitive such as personal data, data of organisations and sometimes they even attack government portals. These crimes can greatly damage the reputation and security of the victims.

At times it can also lead to enormous financial losses. It is also impor to note that these crimes can happen with anyone. People of all ages must be vigilant, because elderly people are not well versed with technology, they are soft targets and  often fall victims.

The younger generation falls prey because of online gaming groups and social media  that they join. Safeguarding  against cybercrime requires both human and artificial intelligence. Firstly, individuals must be aware and not share any details. Often such criminals make calls claiming to be from banks or government departments. They also use social media as a means to perpetrate crimes. 

Our safety is in our hands and we must be vigilant. Do not share personal information with anyone online and especially OTPs and banking details. Be aware of the sites you are visiting. It is important that we deem cybercrime a serious issue and report any suspicious activity. The law enforcements have their own cells and departments that work for the prevention and punishment of such crimes. Thank you.