5 Minute Speech on Current Affairs in English for Students

Current affairs are the knowledge of what is currently and presently going about in society. It is important knowledge to keep in mind. A person with good knowledge of current affairs is respected and looked up to. The world is ever-changing. Something new keeps happening now and then. Be it a new inventory, a new establishment of a product or institution or even a business. It is important to stay up to date with the latest happenings. This can eventually help in the formation of one’s opinion of one. When a person is up to date, he or she knows about the workings of the society of the world, therefore in that sense, he or she can voice opinions linking up with the current mindset of the general. This is important for everyone. Voicing opinions is free for everyone.  Being informed about current affairs keeps us well informed about the news of the world and the society we live in. It also opens doors to various opinions and debates. This way we can see and hear from different points of view. This keeps us broad-minded. This knowledge is very important even in terms of appearing in various exams like NPSC, UPSC, SSC, Civil Exams and many others in securing government jobs. Newspapers, other magazines and new channels like BBC, CNN, etc., aid a lot in providing information regarding current affairs. Kids are also taught current affairs in schools. The school board of education has brought up emphasis on this and subjects on General Knowledge (GK) are being taught from grade 3 and above. The significance of being up to date with current affairs is important for a person. 

We must continue to push the importance of this to our juniors in hopes that they too will pass the importance of having this knowledge to their next juniors.