5 Minute Speech on Culture in English for Students

There are more than a thousand cultures in the world today. All so vibrant, all so special, and all so uniquely beautiful. We must take care of our culture. Why? Because they are our roots. It would be such a loss to lose our culture. It is the one thing that keeps us different and unique. It can be seen that Western cultures are taking over other cultures and traditions. Everyone is seen to be influenced dramatically by the Western culture and have the mindset that if they follow the culture of the West then they are up to trend. But that is not it all. The importance of preserving one’s culture is now taken very seriously as it is evident that it is dying out in all parts of the world. Elders are giving more importance to culture in today’s age than they did decades back. It is a reflection of which community and roots we come from. We shouldn’t be shy or ashamed of what culture we come from but take pride in it. This way, our culture grows. All cultures are not the same, some have different talents, and some cultures may be more Westernised but all those differences do not make another culture more or less important. All are special. We should not have fun or look down on any culture but rather learn and gain knowledge about them.  A person’s behavior in society will also greatly reflect on the culture of that person. India is a country that is known for its vibrant culture in its state. India is rather known for that and many other things. We will see differences in beliefs, religion, language, and many others. This is what makes us all unique. Culture is our identity. Different cultures have different ways of life. While some find it respectful, some find it rude. For instance, in Japanese culture, it is said that if a person burbs after a meal, it is a compliment to the chef while in some other cultures, it is considered bad manners to burb in public.