5 Minute Speech on Climate Change in English for Students

Climate change is a common factor in today’s world. Due to this, water scarcity is becoming so common in many areas. Due to water scarcity, many illnesses are on the rise with more death cases. People living in poverty are the most affected. Their lifestyles are leading up to becoming more unhygienic. It is regarded as one of the biggest risks of today’s world. The gas edited by cars, factories and others are some of the main causes of climate change.  With the world upgrading every year, it leads to more rise of people, factories and industries, businesses and other institutions and it results in cutting down trees which ultimately affects the climate. Therefore, in our small way to help the global world, we should try and plant more greens and trees for better and healthier air. The world has been put into a very dangerous place due to this. Concerning this matter, many countries are doing their best for the world to avoid climate change. We should on our part try and use more renewable sources of energy and educate the people about this matter. The importance of this is put under more pressure and more significance. This problem cannot be stopped however we can do our part to slow it down. Children in today’s world are being taught this subject matter because of how important this problem is to the world.