5 Minute Speech on Cleanliness in English for Students

Cleanliness is a very important aspect of life. It defines a person as well. A clean person is looked up to and respected. When a person is clean, that person can avoid different kinds of sickness and illnesses.  And if one is clean and if that person is sick, that person can heal faster than others. Being hygienic is so important in all ways of life. Cleanliness should be taught to everyone. Children should be taught about this from home and school as well. This makes them grow up to be responsible people in society.  People should be educated in this matter, especially the uneducated ones. This is a habit that one must try to learn and adapt to. We must learn to try and be organised and keep ourselves and our environment clean. We should learn to keep not just ourselves clean but our environment clean and putting that in mind, we should take this habit along wherever we go in life. This way, people respect us and learn from us. It is a very important factor that helps us live a healthy and happy life. It improves our mental health as well and more productivity is seen. It is a subject matter that is often pressured by doctors to avoid various health issues and therefore if one wants to live a good and healthy life, one must be very clean.