5 Minute Speech on Clean India in English for Students

Clean India is a campaign that is very popular in India. It is also known as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It is a mission to keep India clean. This was started in 2014. Since that time and today, lots of improvements have been seen. This was put into practice for many reasons. One of the main reasons would be the result of very poor hygiene which resulted in massive death rates. This brought a lot of concern to the government. There is no doubt that many improvements are needed but despite the changes being small, it is now slowly being recognised. Waste management has also been upgraded throughout India. This mission has also led schools and colleges to work harder in letting the children know about this. In most institutions, social work is conducted and a program is held. Colonies in different areas also put their hands together and worked on this day. For the initiation of this program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is credited. Every year, this mission runs on different themes. In India, the city named Indore which is in Madhya Pradesh is always on the top list of being the cleanest state and this state is well respected for this matter. On October 2, this day is being accounted for as on this day this mission was inaugurated.  Painting, essay, speech, drawing and varied types of competitions are also held in various institutions to educate the children on this subject matter. Posters are put all around town to keep the people aware and reminded.