5 Minute Speech on Computer in English for Students

A computer is a machine that has been used by people all over the world. It is extremely useful. It is used in schools and offers institutions, shops and businesses, hospitals and even in cyber cafes. The introduction of computers into the world has changed the lives of the people. It took the world by storm. The majority of the household has at least one computer. Many people use this for gaming. Others for work purposes. Today, there are many different brands of computers. The top brands are HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Asus, etc. It aids in storing and retrieving data. The majority of the students use this to make presentations. Companies use this to make spreadsheets to be more organised in their work. The world of today is so upgraded and has more online job offers, however, with the upgrade of it all, a computer or a laptop becomes a necessity. Computers have made the world so much easier. We can communicate through computers, emails and text sages can send. Moreover, even bills can be paid. Virtual tutoring has also been made more popular with the coming of this machine. Better and higher demands for computers with higher storage (RAM) are seen. 

Computers can be very addictive as well so a person’s screen time should be limited.  More towards that sitting in front of the screen can cause various issues therefore one must take caution concerning this as well.