5 Minute Speech on Childhood in English for Students

Our childhood is probably the most memorable time of anyone’s life. Some have a good childhood while some are not so pleasant. But one thing we can all agree on is the valuable lessons it taught us. It is extremely important to value our childhood memories and value the lives of children even more. It is a time of absolute innocence and curiosity. During this time, parents especially should try to educate and spend time with children as much as they can. It is a phase in life that holds a lot in shaping a person’s personality and character. Elders should understand and be patient with all children and try to push them to the right path in life. It is the phase easiest to influence any child and so, therefore elders should use this chance as an advantage to try their absolute best in moulding the kid to learn all the good ways and manners of life so that they grow up to be good citizens. Childhood is an important jewel in everyone’s life. The behaviour of a person is greatly linked with their childhood. A person who has a lot of trauma during his/her childhood in some way or the other affects the character of the person. We shouldn’t try and control a child too much but rather give them the freedom to explore and learn. The phase of childhood may be rough and extremely tiring for the parents and teachers looking after them especially because of their mood swings and hyperactivity but one should keep in mind that this phase of childhood will leave and never return so we must cherish the present moment.