5 Minute Speech on Art and Craft in English for Students

Art and craft is a fun activity for everyone, be it students or adults. In fact, it is an important aspect of learning and teaching as well. Through this, one is able to learn more and be more creative. Originality is seen through this activity. Schools and other institutions are slowly giving more importance as they give a separate class period for this affair. Parents are letting toddlers engage in this more than gadgets as they have seen positive responses and faster learning through this. It is amazing what kids can create and it gives a perspective to their life and how they view it. It has become a subject for the majority of the schools. People who suffer from anxiety and depression find relief by doing arts and crafts. With the world of today, being so full of gadgets, it has become scary for many parents as their children are becoming addicted to their computers/mobile phones which in turn is raising lots of problems like vision problems and even behavioral issues. Arts and crafts give and open doors to better bonding time between friends, teachers students, and even parents and children. The human mind is in itself amazing and through this activity, we see a lot of major changes. It helps one regulate emotion, sparks more ideas and creativity, and better communication is seen. Psychology uses arts and crafts to identify and clarify problems. One can learn a lot about the person through arts and crafts as well. Self-expression is a major problem in today’s world and through art and through craft, it is scientifically proven that this subject matter, has aided people in better self-expression. It also improves confidence and self-esteem in oneself. There is better concentration and people especially kids learn to sit quietly as a practice and do the task. Therefore, it enhances creativity to a whole new level, and rather could be said that it shapes a person’s personality and character in ways unknown. 

Creativity goes a long way in life. It is important in many other work affairs even at home or even in organising a party or an event. It is, therefore, very important to boost this and shape this in the minds of the little ones which will help them in a long way.