5 Minute Speech on Acid Rain in English for Students

The study of acid rain is very scientific. When the reaction of various types of chemicals takes place, it causes acid rain which can be very harmful to all things and even humans. It ruins buildings and various historical monuments greatly. One example can be seen in the great Taj Mahal which was built by Shah Jahan in honor of his wife which is situated in Delhi. This palace was very white back in the day, however, due to acid rain, the palace has turned quite yellow. The activities of humans are the main cause of acid rain. The number of factories and the of cars emitting various types of gases could be blamed for acid rain. Other causes could be the eruption of volcanoes and even the rotting of varied types of vegetation.  It is important for everyone to know about this subject matter and what we should do to prevent it. Through it all, it comes with a lot of health problems and diseases like breathing problems which is the most common factor.  The most clear evidence of this destruction of human activities can be seen in the North Eastern United States, Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world. From our parts as citizens of the world, we can make use and remote more renewable energy in place of fossil fuels. There is so mach of damage caused by acid rain. The alkes, the buildings, the streams, animal species, human health are all at high risk. 

It is important and vital to teach the uneducated and re-educate the educated. The easiest way would be by promoting the knowledge on social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and others. This is a subject matter taken very seriously in subjects like science where good emphasis are put on it. 

Kids today are taught about acid rains in the most simplest manners by giving them various activity to make them understand the consequence of this. This is a very important knowledge for everyone to keep in mind.