5 Minute Speech on Advertisement in English for Students

Advertising or ads in short have been traced back to the time of Thebes in Egypt. It is a way of promotion, a way to attract the eye of the public. Advertisement is very popular in today’s world, especially in a world where social media is almost ruling the world. Advertisements take place through images, posters, news, videos, movies, and other platforms. Even sharing about a product or an experience is advertising. It can be both good and bad. Businesses have grown widely and greatly and at the same time, business can be misleading. We shouldn’t easily believe all the advertisements but rather be careful and do good research into the advertisement. It has also greatly boosted the economy of the country. Through this, many small businesses have grown. It also makes people to spend more. There is more competition all over the world. More scams have also been increasing in regard to this, and therefore, more caution is required for everyone. One thing that it has really helped is that it has really added more sales to businesses struggling. The majority of people in today’s world do more online shopping than offline and jobs themselves are based on the online world, so with regard to the world’s change advertisement has become a major significant role in that particular affair. The most common and most popular site of advertisement platforms would be social media. 

Advertisement has so much power in itself. Therefore, we should use it very wisely and smartly.