5 Minute Speech on Art in English for Students

Art has played a role so important since time immemorial. We can trace this back to the Victorian era when the importance and significance of art were strengthening to its peak. Art spoke the loudest when words couldn’t justify it. This is still the case today. Art helps one communicate. It helps one emotionally and mentally. This is amazing and the wonders of it are off limits. It has scientifically helped lots and lots of people. People suffering from various mental issues find peace in art. It saved a lot of lives. It still does. It helps in enhancing creativity and ideas. In today’s world, there are so many talented artists. There is an artist who uses their art to work for the betterment of the world, to fight for change and to express their concerns about the environment. It is vital to teach children that art is important. Some children are born with the talent of art in them. Keeping that in mind, parents can offer them the best art schools and places where they can do what they love to do rather than force them to do things they don’t want to do and get the stereotypical jobs. True art comes from the heart, It comes from the soul and it comes from true sincerity and dedication. It plays a role so important, so vital and so significant.  Some say that art has saved the world and I agree. It saved people from depression. Through art, people can learn and gain knowledge. Even the uneducated can learn through art. Through art, people can communicate feelings and ideas. Some people are better off communicating through art rather than spoken words. It has paved a way for the disabled to live a more colourful life. 

In today’s world, more artists have grown and people are seeing the importance of art even more than before. The Demand for it is increasing year by year. The pay is also very high.