5 Minute Speech on Albert Einstein in English for Students

Albert Einstein was a man of great talent. The whole world is well aware of this man and his invention. He is an inspiration to many people, especially students. He studied in a catholic school like any normal student. He was also well taught by his parents and had various teachings from home by his parents. With time, Einstein began to grow an interest and love for learning maths and science. His first aim was to become a teacher as a young boy. After his studies, he took up the course called the Mathematics and Physics Teaching Diploma but despite the qualifications, he faced rather a difficult time in finding a job. He then ended up as a technical assistant which was his first job. Only after getting a job, and getting married, did he finally get a Ph.D. degree. His wife was very supportive and helped him throughout all his struggles. He was a thinker from a very young age. With time came a lot of responsibilities and his hectic lifestyle made him physically collapse but that was not the end. He got back up after recovery and began his travel journey. He was a scientist, a physicist, a humanitarian, and even a social activist. His IQ level is also very high as compared with normal human beings. It stands up to 160-180. He took a new turn and revolutionized the perspective of science in terms of mass, weight, motions, and others. He also brought rise to various scientific theories which we study to this very day. He was a man known for his honesty and yet he was also a very emotional person. He wasn’t the best student and was considered a rebel by his teachers. Personally, he had to go through a lot of sorrow with his son becoming ill and the passing of his best friend. He spent most of his time alone rather than socializing. Einstein’s mother was very worried for him because he took time to speak and more that he could not speak normally till the age of nine. The gift of his father which was a compass when he was just five years old played a significant role in shaping his interests and thoughts of science. He was a curious boy and his curiosity never stopped till his death. Einstein was also a beautiful violinist play. He was also very wise and was almost elected as the president of the Israelis. 

Einstein is an inspiration to everyone. There are a lot of books written about him. A most basic lesson for everyone is that it’s not the degree that matters, it’s the love and interest that one has that would really spark the light in anyone. Learning facts is not education, this is a say by Albert Einstein himself and I agree with this. For him, imagination overpowers knowledge and he believed that is what got him to the level he reached.