2 Minute Speech On The Environmental Conservation In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on environmental conservation. Our living space is our environment. Living things and their environment must coexist in harmony. In the current situation, there is an environmental crisis brought on by population growth. The overexploitation of our natural environment to fulfill human demands is a worrying development. We are unable to keep a healthy balance with nature because of numerous human activities.

 Global warming and man-made disasters have created a worrying scenario. In order to conserve the ecosystem, we must cooperate. By making small changes like planting a tree, using trash cans instead of plastic bags, and other similar actions, we pail improve the quality of life on Earth. 

The destruction of the natural environment is the result of the excessive use of resources to construct IT infrastructure. The rapid improvements in technology have also contributed to environmental issues. To reduce pollution and protect our mother earth, the government and international organizations must take the necessary actions. Policies for environmental protection must be rigorously followed.

In conclusion, the main issues that require immediate attention include extreme weather, rising carbon dioxide emissions, glacier melting, etc. Let’s all do our part to protect the environment and safeguard the resources for future generations. We are all aware of the declining quality of life on earth, but there are already some warning indications of impending devastation. Thank you.