2 Minute Speech On The Environment In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the environment. All living things and their surroundings make up our environment. A long-lasting environment is one that is conducive to health. It is everyone’s source of life. Everyone’s life is guided by it, and it decides how they should develop and progress. 

The natural environment is deteriorating significantly as a result of the influence of human society, which is negatively affecting life on this planet. Between the environment and the existence of people, plants, and animals, there must be a balanced natural cycle. We humans have changed this world significantly through a variety of acts, which have led to numerous environmental issues.

Human activity has a negative impact on the environment in numerous ways. These include issues with pollution, population growth, waste management, climate change, global warming, and the greenhouse effect, among others. The main factor endangering our environment is the presence of dangerous gasses in the air.

Excessive human resource consumption and poor waste management have led to an enormous amount of solid and hazardous waste. We may be utilizing it for fuel or building homes, but the ecology is suffering greatly as a result. The loss of natural resources including water, fuel, and food are further reasons.

I want to conclude by saying that we need to promote environmental consciousness in our culture and in our daily lives. It is essential to preserve and safeguard our environment. Everyone has a duty to contribute to the environment, in my opinion. So let’s cooperate to create a future that is greener and more sustainable. Thank you.