2 Minute Speech On Empowerment In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on empowerment. The definition of the word “empowerment” is a difficult task. To facilitate is the definition of empowerment in the dictionary. Empowerment includes a person’s ability to make decisions and have autonomy. An individual is said to be empowered when s/he is able to make decisions for his/her own life based on the circumstances in which s/he resides. However, empowerment is a highly individualized idea. Literally, empowerment is giving someone power, assisting the weak in gaining strength, raising one’s self-esteem, assisting one in becoming assertive or self-confident, enabling one to face injustice and oppression, and supporting one in fighting for one’s rights.

Although many individuals are familiar with the term “empowerment,” few have been able to develop it as a talent. Empowerment has been happening since the beginning of time. It’s more common than you might imagine. Since the day they were born, humans have heard others being empowered. The goal of empowerment goes much beyond simply having someone else finish the simple or time-consuming work you are delegating.

Before enabling or empowering someone, be sure they have the knowledge, skills, and authority required to assure the fulfillment of the task you have asked of them. Additionally, information is essential for completing any work. When someone is given authority over a specific duty or task, they require complete access to and knowledge of the relevant material. They must also be ready for any consequence that might occur and respond quickly and effectively. Thank you.