100 Words Paragraph On Christmas In English

Jesus was born on the day of the winter solstice according to the Roman calendar. Around the world, December 25 is typically when it is observed. The event inspires us to have fun and be joyful. Its main purpose is to teach us that we are always protected by the Lord’s light and that we should never give up.

The enslaved people saw hope when Jesus was born. Many people’s suffering came to an end at the birth of Jesus. People gather during this time, put all other work on hold, and joyfully celebrate the festival. The most enjoyable Christmas pastime is decorating the tree. The Christmas tree can be decorated by hanging lovely decorations, bells, and trinkets from it.

Gifts are exchanged, and many parents teach their children that a fictitious Santa Claus delivers them presents every year. By assisting one another when they are in need, children learn to share and have compassion for others. The needy and impoverished who are unable to enjoy Christmas are helped so they won’t lose out on such a wonderful season.