100 Words Paragraph On Child Labor In English

In India, child labour has always been a serious issue. Several publications have claimed that child labour only forces the economy into a different equilibrium. This balance is unfavourable. The alternative is not much better for a developing nation like India.

Children not working maintains the economic equilibrium and the poverty-driven cycle. Without the government’s investment, the cycle cannot be broken. This investment must also be sizable.Most governments in poor nations lack the resources necessary to provide their citizens with such massive investment requirements. Many households are ensnared in the low income trap.

These homes do not have enough food and supplies to meet their daily needs. In most situations, the parents also put in a lot of effort. Nonetheless, given these circumstances, certain children are frequently trafficked. They are subjected to worse conditions and sold as bonded labour. The youngsters experience trauma as a result of the circumstance. Moreover, the parents never locate their lost children.