2 Minute Speech On Child Labor In English

Good morning to the teachers and students present, today I am going to talk about child labor. The most critical matter in the world has been child labor because it has an impact on youngsters’ physical and mental health. Additionally, it obliterates children’s futures. A child is someone who has not reached the age of 14 according to the Child Labor Act of 1986. Child labor is the practice of involving kids in economic activity, whether it be part-time or full-time. Every child is seen as a gift from God, and they should be raised in a loving environment with their families and the wider community. However, because of social and economic issues, some kids are being compelled to work in factories, motels, and self-service restaurants.

33 million children work in various forms of child labor in India, one of the top Asian nations in this regard. The Indian Constitution guarantees children certain rights and outlaws child labor, such as the use of minors younger than 14 in factories or other dangerous jobs. Prior to banning child labor, we should concentrate on societal socioeconomic problems.

I’d want to sum up by noting that the government alone is in charge of finding a solution. Providing jobs to the parents of child laborers must take the required actions to end poverty. Controlling the country’s population, educating children, and giving enough money to remove child labor from the gross domestic product should be the main priorities. Only with the cooperation of all facets of society and law enforcement is this possible. Thank you.