2 Minute Speech On Cartoon In English

Good morning to the teachers and students present, today I am going to talk about Cartoons. Cartoons are animated movies that tell a story, and young children make up its major audience. The original cartoon, which is now known as Mickey Mouse, was made in 1928 and told the tale of a mouse. Cartoons today frequently feature material that was inappropriate for youngsters in the 1900s.

Every child eagerly anticipated seeing the cartoons of the 1990s on Saturday mornings. One of the finest experiences a child from this era will have is dressing as their favourite hero and fighting the crime. Kids can learn to be themselves from these cartoons, like Snoopy said “Nobody can accuse you of doing it incorrectly.”

The newer generations believe that classic animated series like Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry, Snoopy, and Popeye have poor pictures or graphics, a brief plot, and dull surroundings. Nowadays, kids just turn on their smartphones or other electronic gadgets and watch cartoons without having to struggle for the TV. With so many devices at their disposal, kids will be less focused in class, which will affect their grades.

Cartoons will always be around. Although we can limit them, we cannot wish them away. The most successful kind of mediation is definitely limiting how long/how often and what kinds of cartoons kids watch. Thank you.