100 Words Paragraph On Biggest Dream In Life In English

I have a life objective as a high school student. I’d like to be a social worker. I like working for other people. I would like to become a doctor if it is at all possible. because I think a doctor can, to the best of his ability, help people.

My goal is to help those in need. I want to work with any impoverished community after I graduate from medical school. There are numerous rural areas where people with relatively simple diseases go untreated and pass away. They also don’t care about their health. I’ll make an effort to assist them.

My main goal is to wage social war. I’m not going to train to be a doctor only to get rich. The majority of my time will be spent with others, and I’ll make enough money to live simply. I think that this is my best option. My parents are very encouraging, and they supported my choice.

To reach my aim, I’m making a lot of effort. I need to be accepted into medical school in order to become a doctor. That won’t be easy, but I’m sure I can do it with perseverance and careful study. My dream is sincere and significant to me.