100 Words Essay on Diet in English

The food we eat is called diet. To have a good diet plan, one must eat healthy, stay hydrated and eat a lot of greens. It is essential and so very necessary for one to maintain a good diet to live and stay healthy. It protects one against many chronic no communicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. According to the world health organizations, a healthy diet comprises a combination of different foods. One must take less sugar and fats and more greens. It was mainly after the World War II dietary guidance emphasized eating with the family and overall “healthy” meals. IN THE YEAR 2007, A Canadian Coach introduced that eating processed food is not healthy for one’s health. One must keep in mind that everything should be consumed with a limit. The food must be taken on time and the worst is binge eating. When one does not eat well, one faces a lot of health issues and complications.