100 Words Essay on Determination in English

Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. This is a feeling so important in all life lessons. Being determined or having determination is a courageous task, no doubt. This is now taught amongst kids through practical means to teach them the importance of determination in one’s life. There are some people who come from poor and broken family structure or background; it is usually those who lack determination. So, when one comes across these kinds of people, one must try to build and help them build determination in themselves. The root starts from believing in oneself. In all life’s aspect, in all workings of life, it is important to have determination in one’s spirit as it can increase your chances of being successful in achieving a particular goal. It is best that determination is taught to kids when they are young. Adults have to teach their kids that quitting is not an option as this will allow your child to keep their emotions in check. Determination can have different definition for everyone, but in general, determination means the courage to take initiative, work hard, get up each time you fall and keep marching towards the goal.