100 Words Essay on Deforestation in English

Purposefully clearing of forested land is known as deforestation. Most people use this technique as the society grows for business purposes or settlements or the creation of dams or many other reasons. The removal of large amounts of trees has serious impacts towards its environment because one way or the other it results in the loss of biodiversity, damage to natural habitats, disturbances in the water cycle, and soil erosion. In today’s world there is not a place where deforestation did not take place. There may be a few numbered forest that are highly protected by its people but apart from those there has been hints of deforestation. Deforestation even takes place in one of the world’s largest rainforests called the Amazon rainforest. The causes of deforestation are logging, soybean farming, cattle grazing, and illegal land grabs by Grileiros. One should know the importance of trees to the biodiversity and learn to preserve it and plant more trees. M