100 Words Essay on Cyclone in English

A cyclone is a large air mass that rotates around a strong center of low atmospheric pressure, counterclockwise. The biggest cyclone in the world is called the Typhoon Tip which took place in the Philippines, in the year 1979. Cyclones destroy a lot of things. It can destroy livestock, lives of people and animals houses, buildings, transportation and electricity. There are 4 types of cyclones and they are: Tropical cyclone, polar cyclone, mesocyclone and extratropical cyclone. It is the most dangerous natural hazard to people. Majority of the cyclones in India usually takes place in the Bay of Bengal and usually strike the east coast of India. Andhra Pradesh, lying in the east coast of peninsular India, is the worst hit by cyclones every year. Most tropical cyclones create fast winds and great rains. It is very important to know about cyclones and therefore it is being studied by kids from a very young age. Kids are being taught about natural disasters such as this and practical exercises in times of this are also being implemented to kids by the schools and institutions.